1. Read all of the course content.

  2. Take the self-assessment quiz to evaluate your knowledge.
    Reread sections, if necessary.

  3. Use the payment form on the last page of the course to request your certificate.
    Be sure to include the Keys to Drowning Prevention on your form. That is required to get a certificate.

  4. Certificates are typically delivered within 48 hours, via email, to your PayPal email address.


Welcome to my online water safety course.


All of the course content, video, and testing/evaluation materials are completely free. You may access them anytime. 

If you require a Certificate of Completion, there is an administrative fee - one name per certificate - $8 for one name and $12 for two names. Certificates are optional. Again, all course materials, including the test/self-evaluation are free.

Certificates of Completion are valid for one year from date of issue.


Watch this slide show on the Keys to Drowning Prevention (3 slides). Write down the two keys to drowning prevention. You need to know these to keep your children safe. You are required to know these to get a certificate.