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June 24, 2019

  • Andrew (Calabasas): Great course, easy to understand with clear information. Thanks!

  • Jennifer (Patterson): Thank you for this information and videos.

June 21, 2019

  • Elizabeth (El Paso): Great course. Thank you!

  • Katie (Hemet, CA): Great course!

June 20, 2019

  • Crystal (Port Charlotte): Great instructions. Have been using this course for several years!

June 19, 2019

  • Coral (Oroville): This is the second year of my taking this course. It really helps to be able to review basic water safety rules. A great and easy to understand course.

June 18, 2019

  • K.J. (Canoga Park): This course is very clear, and it gives arguments for everything it suggests.

  • Ronald (North Hills, California): This online course if very organized. It's a great starting point for young parents who wants to enjoy the water with their kid/s.

  • Heather (Johns Creek, GA): Thank you for putting together such a thorough course! This was taken for our home study renewal. We used a different website last year, and it was kind of a joke. Yours included LOTS of detailed information, and was much more in-depth. 

  • Richard (Sacramento, CA): Great Information

June 17, 2019

  • Guadalupe (Merced, CA): This was very helpful, I enjoyed watching the video explanations and the information that you provided.

  • Tara (Grafton, IL): Good course

  • Smanatha (Canoga Park, CA): Very information and easy to follow course.

June 16, 2019

  • Jane (Merced, CA): This was very thorough and well thought out. This was very awesome and a must for parents with potential swimmers. Heck, even adults who never learned how to swim.

June 15, 2019

  • Elizabeth (Orange, CA): This is a big help for caregivers of our special needs population. Thank you.

  • Stevi (Northern California): Great course! Meets and exceeds my foster parent certification requirement. 
    Thank you!! Have a happy and safe summer everyone. :-)

June 13, 2019

  • Shakila (West Sacramento, California): Very helpful life saving information. Thanks.

  • Zoya (Langhome): This course was very easy to follow and so informative!

  • Johnny (Springville, AL): Thanks for the great information that was shared on the subject of swimming and water safety.

  • Lesha (Sacramento, Californis): Great information and easy to understand.

  • Mark (Orange, California): Great course full of information. Easy to understand

  • Araceli (Rialto): Informative course

  • Miya (Long Beach, California): Great Info!

  • Erika (Orange, California): It was easy to understand and complete.

May 11, 2019

  • Kristi (GA): Great information!

May 10, 2019

  • Ann (Huntington Beach, CA): Good content with valuable information.

  • Lily (Sanger, CA): A lot of information and knowledge is power, but water safety is important.

  • Erica (Merced, CA): I think this course is great. I wish more people like you had a course like this. Water safety is very important.

  • Kathy (Owasso, OK): Very informative.

May 9, 2019

  • Leslie (Galt, CA): Very easy and effective course.

  • Emma (Galesburg, IL): I love the videos that are attached all throughout this course! They provided me with a great visual on each page.

  • William & Kelly (Harvest, AL): The course was well written with a lot of good information. It was also easy to navigate. I will be recommending it to my foster parent training class attendees. Thank you!

Jessica (Blue Ridge, GA)
May 8, 2019

It is great to know that you keep this updated with all updated information. Thanks for taking the time to do this for everyone that needs this.

Christine (Chico, CA)
May 7, 2019

Thought provoking water safety: I found the information on this site to be useful and thoughtfully put together. Jeanie really cares that we learn from her training. I hope many blessings and good karma fill her life for the great deed she has done by bringing water safety and the Face-Up First technique to the front of every parent/caregiver’s mind. Thank you, Jeanie.

Maureen (Santa Rosa, CA)
May 8, 2019

Thorough course, good information.

Jeanie (Mackinaw, IL)
May 3, 2019

Great class.

Catie (Cleveland)
May 2, 2019

Great course!

Gary (Westminster)
May 2, 2019

Very informative for such a short course. A must for all. Never hurts for a review .

Suzanne (Springville, AL)
May 2, 2019

Great reminders and information. The links to "real" stories just reinforces how important water safety is. Thank you!

Scott (Alpharetta, GA)
April 29, 2019

Excellent training, easy to navigate and covers everything you need to know.

Mike & Sarah (Zebulon, GA)
April 29, 2019

We like the news articles linked into the course material. The articles are relevant to the course information and are helpful.

Anne-Marie (St. Augustine, Florida)
April 27, 2019

Great course! Thank you so much for the thorough training!

Barbara (Lansdale)
April 26, 2019

This was an easy and great course.

Lacie (Bakersfield, CA)
April 25, 2019

Thank you for creating this site and certifications. This was helpful information that was easy to understand.

Elizabeth (Bakersfield)
April 24, 2019

Great way to learn how to make a pool environment fun and safe for children!

Carlos (Oxnard)
April 24, 2019

I learned a lot of information that I did not know of before. I think this is a great course for all to take!

Torrey (Oxnard)
April 24, 2019

I thought the course was all VERY iniformative. Will be sure to recommend to others! Thank you.

Steven (Oxnard)
April 24, 2019

Great information and stuff that I did not know.

Samantha (Altadena, CA)
April 17, 2019

Wonderful course for parents!

Susan (Hawley)
April 17, 2019

I really enjoy your course and the no nonsense and not sugar coating advice, I have been taking it online since my kiddos were young teens. They felt I tormented them by making them watch the videos with me…but they are both in their early twenties and skilled swimmers So… now I have foster adults in my house and the program required water safety to be completed… your course is the recommended go to… Thank you so, so much for continuing to update and keep this site relevant and free. I hope many folks take your advice and have safe, fun water filled summers.

Heather (Lawrence, MA)
April 11, 2019

This course was an excellent overview of water safety and provided me tips to remember! I am using this online course to recommend to our Providers for neighboring bodies of water as a safety learning tool. This course is easy to use and provided excellent education. Thank you!

Cindy (Riverside, CA)
April 6, 2019

So much great information! Definitely recommend it.

Janice (Hemet)
April 4, 2019

I am a foster parent and I was very pleased at all the information I learned with taking the keys to drowning prevention.. It was an eye opener and made me rethink the way I have been allowing my kids to swim. Thank you so much! This has made me a better parent in providing safety and taking precautions on their safety in my pool.

Michael (Indio)
April 2, 2019

I enjoyed your course and found it very thorough and thought out training. You definitely made the point that “all” water activities and water sources are potential dangers to children and adults that cannot swim. Thanks!

Dartagnan (Clovis, CA)
March 27, 2019

My husband and I had to take your course as part of our certification to become foster-adoptive parents. Very informative and eye opening. Thanks for the great info.

Roquesa (Carson)
March 27, 2019

Thank you for such an informative site where we as parents can learn invaluable information about the dangers that water can bring to our lives. We will continue to check back every year as a refresher course as well as to educate ourselves on new information that may have been added. Also, thank you for not trying to get rich off of the information that you share. We really appreciate that.

Inbal (Plantation, FL)
March 25, 2019

A MUST course!!!! So important! Very interesting!!

Tiffany (West Palm Beach, FL)
March 23, 2019

Awesome course. My family enjoys taking it each year.

Karen (Flowery Branch)
March 19, 2019

We enjoyed this course. The information provided is priceless. Thanks!

Zachary (Thousand Oaks, CA)
March 16, 2019

This was a smooth and easy process.

Latoya (Lakeport, CA)
March 15, 2019

Very nice information and plenty of it.

Dale (El Cajon)
March 13, 2019

Thanks, we got a house with a pool and the County foster system had to research far and wide for education outlet for the safety requirement. Our s/w posted the site in the office for other families (hopefully you will ge referrals.) You would think a pool in southern calif would be pretty common, but it stumped them. Anyway, great info and my non-swimming nephew is raring to come over, but I told he parents that he needs swim lessons.

Mellissa (Mansfield)
March 10, 2019

I learned a lot more than any other previous water safety training course. Thanks. No hotel hot tubs. Got it!! Thank you for making this available to us! Here’s to keeping kids safe…and tied to picnic tables. God bless.

Frakesha (Bakersfield)
March 7, 2019

I really enjoyed the course and found it to be vital Thank you so much. :)

Dani (Redding)
March 6, 2019

Great course, images, easy to learn and take away from. Thank you!

Swerika (Sacramento, CA)
March 5, 2019

1) Excellent course 2) Every year I have learnt a lot from this course which prevents my kids from drowning 3) Also a very knowledge lesson we adults get to learn from this superb course Thank you Jeanie Neal for providing us this great course.

Tammy (Ione, CA)
March 4, 2019

Great, easy to remember info, easy test.

Darcy (San Rafael, CA)
February 27, 2019

Thank you for this course. We knew most of the info, but excellent reminders and a great resource for our family members who are not as fluent in water safety! Also, the pool party invite wording was great. Thanks!

Chris (Clayton, GA)
February 26, 2019

I thought I knew it all, but there is a lot of stuff I didn’t know. I learned a lot from taking this course.

Carrie (Eden, GA)
February 25, 2019

Loved this course and so much great information

Kristi (Hoschton, GA)
February 25, 2019

great course, had a lot of useful information…recommend everyone take this one!

Mike (Davis, CA)
February 21, 2019

Thanks for all your time researching and developing this class.

Tara (Temple, GA)
February 20, 2019

We are new foster parents and have an outdoor pool. This class was very information and we purchased all the extra safety items we could get. Thanks again!

Beth (Chico, CA)
February 19, 2019

This course is so easy to follow and I feel like I retain the information well.

Dawn (Naples, FL)
February 19, 2019

Excellent course!! I really appreciate the depth of the material and the links to additional information - expecially understanding what drowning looks like. I would have never known this.

Erik (Wellington, FL)
February 18, 2019

My wife and I found the course very enlightening. We noticed some items we need to improve on safety at our own pool that we will implement.

Nancy (West Palm Beach, FL)
February 16, 2019

Awesome training!

Jaye-Ann (Pembroke Pines, FL)
February 16, 2019

This course was very educational. Every parent should take to learn abut drowning prevention, especially in South Florida. Thank you.

Joseph (Brunswick, GA)
February 14, 2019

Great course for pool owners!

Ashley (Dawsonville, GA)
February 12, 2019

Thank you for making this quick and painless! One less thing to worry about for Foster certifications!!

Yolanda (Springfield)
February 4, 2019

Great course, everyone should take it.

Winiferd (Dariern, Georgia)
February 4, 2019

Each year I take this course and each year we find ourselves learning more and more on what to do to prevent drowning.

Juan (Victorville)
January 24, 2019

Thank you for making it so easy to get this class. It will help greatly for becoming a foster parent.

Gus (Downey, California)
January 20, 2019

Easy, straight forward and informative.

Kimberly (Waukesha, Wisconsin)
January 19, 2019

I really learned a lot from this course that I will use throughout my years of parenting. Thank you for all the wonderful information.

Rachael (Marietta, Georgia)
January 19, 2019

This is a great way to get training out to the masses. Thank you for your time and dedication.

Lana (Twentynine Palms)
January 17, 2019

We have owned a pool for years and very overprotective, but this really gave us a few things to really pay attention to. Thank you for this.

William (Dawsonville, Georgia)
October 1, 2018

Wow!!! I had NO idea how negligent I was being... I feel very guilty for allowing a child in my care that is a "non-swimmer" in the pool without obeying touch supervision. Thank you for all the great information. This is definitely life-saving.

Judy (Bakersfield, California)
October 1, 2018

I love how easy it was to go through the material! I learned a lot!

Rosa (Riverside, California)
September 29, 2018

This online water and safety test is a wonderful resource for foster parents to use when needing to get certified. The course was easy to understand, and I really appreciated the audio that read the text out loud to me. I would recommend this online certification over the others I saw online.

Angelica (Cumming, Georgia)
September 27, 2018

This was a very informative lesson for my husband and I. Now that we have completed this course we feel more confident in how to handle water related situations and we have more knowledge of how to react and what to do if ever put in the situation. Most of all we have a better understanding of how to prevent a water related situation from occurring.

Traci (Hemet, California)
September 26, 2018

Thank you, it was a great class. I am a CPR and First Aid instructor and still learned new information from your class!

Shanay (Sacramento, California)
September 26, 2018)

This course was fun and provided helpful information! Thanks!

Caitlyn (Cleveland, Georgia)
September 26, 2018

Thank you so much for your course! It is very informative and such a great reference for water safety. I will be sharing your website with others! Thank you!

Lilia (Bakersfield)
September 25, 2018

Never realized how important water safety was. Thanks for all the great information.

B. Rene (California)
September 25, 2018

This is an awesome site with a wealth of information! I believe this is my 5th year for a required certification! She supplies the certificate in a timely manner!  Thank you Jeanie!

Belen (Fontana, California)
September 23, 2018

This course was so filled with information that every person should do it, not only foster parents!

Angela (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
August 16, 2018

This course was very easy to navigate, the information was super. Thank you.

Marilyn (Oakdale, California)
August 13, 2018

Great website, excellent course. Very easy to follow and navigate. Thank you!

Donald (Chicopee, Massachusetts
August 11, 2018

This water safety course is very useful. It is a constant reminder of how important water safety in protecting our children, family members and special needs individuals.

Barbara (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
August 9, 2018

This was extremely informative!

David (Olivehurst, California)
August 6, 2018

Every year we take this course and it is great. helps keep every thing refreshed in our minds .
Thank you.

Stephanie (Manassas, Virginia)
August 5, 2018

Easy read, quick and makes me want to read the information!

Melissa (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
August 3, 2028

This was the best course I have ever taken.

Kiara (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
August 3, 2018

I love how easy it was to go through the material! I learned a lot!

Ramon (Rancho Santa Margarita, California)
August 3, 2018

Great refresher, very informative. Needed it for my coaching class.

Monique (Sacramento, California)
July 27, 2018

simple, easy course

Andi (Yucca Valley, California)
July 27, 2018

Of all the courses we are required to take in preparation for adoption, this was the best. We appreciate the passion shown for water safety and all the applicable information. We want to keep our young son and any future children safe and it scares me to know how quickly danger/death can arrive.

Val (Orangevale, California)
July 26, 2018


Sherry (Langhorne)
July 25, 2018

This course was very informative and easy to understand.

Debbie (Modesto, California)
July 25, 2018

I have been taking this course for 5 years. I am happy that the information is relevant. As a Resource Family, we are not only concerned with safety of the children but being able to keep up with all the training involved. This course is thorough but the information is in a great format. 

Melissa (Redding, California)
July 25, 2018

Thank you for such great information! I took this course in preparation of becoming a resource parent and found the information to be clear, intriguing and well supported with examples. Thank you for taking the time to educate the public on water safety!

Austin (Weatherford, Oklahoma)
July 25, 2018

Thank you so much for making such a training tool available to employees such as myself. I'm very glad to have completed the course. It has inspired me to brush up on my swimming abilities. I've always been a decent swimmer, but not quite as proficient as what you describe. This makes me want to become a proficient swimmer.

Leslie (Grass Valley, California)
July 24, 2018

I appreciated the clear and helpful information.

Sabrina (Santa Barbara, California)
July 20, 2018

I took this course as part of the process to become a certified Resource Parent and I'm so grateful that I did! I appreciate the straightforward, honest and clear way you presented this invaluable information. Made me think a lot and definitely impacted some of the choices I might have made had I not taken this course. Thank you!!

Angela & William (Dalton)
July 18, 2018

Wonderful course - even though I took it last year there were things I needed refreshing on!

Isaac (Fountain Valley)
July 18, 2018

The world is a better place for having you in it. You putting this website together and allowing people to learn how to better protect themselves, their kids, and others is a great mitzvah. Thank you.

Rosemaria (Feeding Hills)
July 14, 2018

My husband and I just completed your course and we thank you for making our pool safer for our son and all our guests.

Greg (Riverside)
July 13, 2018

Format could be more linear, somewhat confusing with all the diff. videos, some helpful many not so much.

Ronald (Woodstock, Georgia)
July 11, 2018

I am 57 years old and have been swimming since I was 4. I consider myself a very strong swimmer and have taught my four children to swim. I took this course because it is required by our state since we are now Foster Parents and have a pool and live on a lake. I am actually glad that I took this course. I learned a lot. A specific item that I learned was not to start young children swimming with the flotation swim suits. I did not realize that this just gives the child the incentive not to learn. It is also so easy as an adult to then become complacent instead of vigilant in that we tend to then start to rely on the float suit. This weekend, the suits come off and I will teach the children how to swim using the S.W.I.M model. I will also enroll them in a swim class.

Jim (Valley Springs)
July 10, 2018

Thank you for providing this course online. This is my third year to renew my certificate. I use the information and recommendations constantly while my boys are in or near a body of water.

Wendy (Victorville)
July 9, 2018

After taking this course I will make sure my swimmers are watched more closely and my none swimmers
learn to swim before any kind of water actives. Excellent!

Bridget (Pomona, California)
July 8, 2018

Excellent course material! All information is very informative and needed to help keep those in our care safe around water.
Thanks for this excellent course!

Kip (Pomona, California)
July 8, 2018

This is an awesome course! It gives added relief as it provides caregivers with tools to safely accompany those in our care to areas of water. Thanks Jeanie for being there for us! Keep the much needed education coming!

Carol (La Porte)
July 7, 2018

This was very informative would recommend to all parents and childcare workers!

Marla (Barrington)
July 4, 2018

Excellent way to meet the requirements of our state child care license for all staff on duty for water activities to have basic water safety instruction.

Joseph (Powder Spring, Georgia)
July 1, 2018

Great advice which we will surely use to keep our children safe. We plan to share your course with our HOA.

Elmer (Moreno Valley)
June 29, 2018

We need this kind of education to remind us on some common sense things about water safety that we sometimes forget. Your information are very informative with common sense application. I needed this certification for my wife and I's fostering. Thank you very much.

Yolanda (Savannah, Georgia)
June 25, 2018

I very much learned things I didn't know. This course has opened my eyes to some very valuable lessons. Happy this is avail online for those who can't make it to classes.

Jared (Palm Beach Gardens, Florida)
June 24, 2018

Thanks for the awesome info and keeping it free. I hope your next section on how to teach your child to swim comes along soon. I remember how much fun I had learning to swim, and would someday like to be able to teach that skill to others.

Sara (Blairsville, Georgia)
June 23, 2018

Thank you! This is one of our last steps for fostering :))

Meron (Upland)
June 21, 2018

I love this course. It helps me to get more more knowledge about the water safety and show me how to supervise my kids when they are in and around the water. This course is concise and clear. Really I appreciate you. I gave you 5 *****.  Thanks

Tina (Tunnel Hill, Georgia)
June 17, 2018

Great tool for foster parents and care givers.

Cora (Oroville, California)
June 5, 2018

Thank you very much for making this course available. It was filled with excellent information, covering all aspects of water safety, whether the backyard pool, boating,water parks and lakes!

Pamela (Lakeland, Florida)

What a wonderful and well rounded education in water safety. As an Assistant Director of a child care center who provides water play areas and field trips to water parks and public pools, I found the information informative and the perfect addition to our staff training.

Troy (Marietta, Georgia)

Nicely organized, easy to navigate, and really informative.

Craig (Cobb, California)

Every year, we cover this material. Every year I force myself to watch the Yoni video. I never want to forget what happens when we forget that children can be in danger by not being supervised.

Olga (Tracy, California)

I thank you a million to provide this course online for people like me that have no time to attend to a live school to get this certificate. It's very important to learn this, and keep in mind all of these safety precautions not only with children, but also with adults. Precaution, supervision, prevention are not enough sometimes to address the issues, and disastrous consequences that families face when there is negligence. I am very grateful you have this course. It's so valuable to me. 

Elizabeth (St. Augustine, Florida)

I didn't realize this was available until our foster care licensing coordinators informed us. This information is critical for not only foster care parents, but all parents in general. People take safety measures for granted and think "oh, I'm watching them," but all it takes is one second. Thank you for providing this course - especially for no charge.

Chiquita (Savannah, Georgia)

This was an eye-opener for me. Thanks for this valuable lesson.

Ciera (Forest, Virginia)

I loved the extra links and materials. I printed everything out and put it in my nanny binder! Thank you!


I'm obtaining the certificate, but will return to the course information several more times. So much info. You really put together a lot of information and supplemental material.


Thank you Jeanie! The course material was great. Thank you so much for putting it together. I can tell a lot of personal time and dedication went into it and your effort is so greatly appreciated! I was not terribly excited about taking the course, but I truly learned some things and your passion for helping others really understand the dangers out there really shines through. This made me 1-take the course much more seriously and 2- evaluate whether or not I needed to change any habits I have around my children and water. Thank you!  

Iris (Wellington, FL) 

I took your water safety online course yesterday, as a prerequisite to opening up a family child care home.  I wanted to thank you for your valuable course and relevant information.  I had gotten a quote of $150 for a local instructor to teach a safety course, and was so glad that I found yours.  Excellent information---I feel that I got a lot out of this course, especially the knowledge of the very real dangers of water to non-swimmers.  I have a pool in my backyard, and have always felt that there's no way that I would let the children under my care go in.  How could I possibly watch 5 or 6 kids by myself?  Your course has validated my concerns.  I'll stick to my guns and drag out the sprinklers!  Many thanks for your most relevant and appreciated information. 

Jean & Ron (Mentone, CA)

 Thank you for the very informative water safety course that you offer online.  My husband and I took it last night in preparation to become respite providers for our son and daughter-in-law who will soon be foster parents.  We learned some things that have definitely changed our thinking and understanding about water safety.  We'll be sharing this with our children, most of whom have families of their own.  It is evident in your work that you truly care about children and their safety.  

Jen (Center Harbor, NH)

I wanted to let you know that I found your course helpful. I was talking to a co worker who has a baby and was telling her about what I had learned. I have no doubt you are saving lives...and it is super convenient on line. Thank you. 

Traci (Londonderry, NH)

My staff are thrilled that this is being offered online now ... thank you for providing such a great resource at a reasonable price! 

Julie (Beaumont, CA)

Thank you so much for all of the great information. I will definitely pass on your website to everyone I know!  

Theresa (San Antonio, TX)

Thank you for the very clear information.  I needed the certification for fostering, it saved me a lot of training time.     

Caitlin (Round Rock, TX)

Thank you so much. This course is a valued part of our training curriculum. [Foster Care Agency] 

Diane (Yuba City, CA)

I just want to say thank you for such an awesome site for information. 

Elizabeth (Weaverville, CA)

I really appreciate this information and the way it is presented.  Very clear and worth my time. 

Bryan (Watauga, TX)

Good material, some of it is hard to accept but we realize the necessity of it. 

Catherine (West Palm Beach, FL)

This course was very informative and I learned many helpful things to keep me alert and informed of the do's and don't.  I would recommend this course to other family members and friends. 

Stacie (Bennington, NE)

Very educational.  This really changed my perspective on safety.  I need to get rid of the water wings and leave the pool when it is too busy.  I need to scan the bottom of the pool too, not just the surface like I have always done. 

Christina (Moraga, CA)

Thank you for putting together this terrific online course!  A lot of great points and great reminders about what should be everyday safety. 

Kelly (Reynoldsburg, OH)

Great course, easy to follow, learned so much.  Having small children of our own, this makes us more knowledgeable about dangers involved in swimming.

Sandra (Chico, CA)

Wish EVERYONE would go through this course.  Much tragedy could be prevented.  Thank you for making it free for non-certification. 

Thomas & Sharon (Castro Valley, CA)

The information was read and re-read.  It was more thorough than expected.  Very helpful and useful. 

James (Gahanna, OH)

Good straight to the point presentation. 

Brian (Galt, CA)

Great info, not a bunch of flashy stuff, just to the point.  We are parents of two and foster parents.  We will recommend your course to others. 

Lisa (Dothan, AL)

Thank you so much for your well wishes and your quick response!  We did find the information very helpful and thought provoking (especially about flotation devices prohibiting kids from learning how to swim - It makes so much sense).  I'm sure we'll refer back to your site for a refresher when she starts to crawl! 

Melissa (Ft. Pierce, FL)

Thank you for the WONDERFUL online program, it is very much appreciated and informative! 

Patty (Phoenix, AZ)

I will definitely be making a presentation to all of our parents here in Phoenix Arizona who attend our preschool with the material that I learned today which is so neatly packaged and easy for parents to grasp. It's non-threatening tone is wonderful. As you know, Phoenix has some serious statistics of child drownings due to all the home and resort pools which operate nearly year round. 

Deana (Copperopolis, CA)

Thank you for the quick response! I just wanted to let you know that the course was great and it's really nice to have one like this online. It was quick, informative yet to the point and it! 

Angela (Bristol, PA)

Excellent instruction, provided in an easy to learn manner. 

Randy (Boaz, AL)

Thank you for a very interesting and eye opening course. 

Mark (Grand Prairie, TX)

Good course. We learned more by this course than when we took it with an instructor. 

Courtney (Macon, GA)

Great training and information.

Jo Ann (Campbell, TX)

Not letting children use water wings and flotation devices before learning to swim was news to me. Wish I had known sooner. I appreciate the advice of swimming lessons every year too. Thank you for this training.   

Johanna (Lubbock, TX)

Information was easy to read and understand. 

Alyssa (Granite Bay, CA) 

It was a great review for basic water safety tips. It reinforced the need for proper supervision when children are swimming. It also stressed the need for early swim lessons as a way to prevent drownings. 

Gina (Monkton, MD)

Great program. Very educational and useful. Thank you. 

Eugene (Palm Bay, FL)

I thought that the layers of safety for backyard pools was excellent.  I wonder how many homeowners know and follow them. 

Linda (Hollywood, MD)

Thanks - you did a great job informing me about water safety! 

Debra (Jonestown, PA)

Thank you for this important information.  I am a day care provider and found the course to have a lot of information that we and the parents need.


Thank you for making water safety education a priority and for choosing my course.

Be safe. Click for: Additional Links & Resources

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