There is a very real need to protect children from drowning.  This online course was prepared to help parents and caregivers learn about water-related safety issues and how to protect children from water-related accidents.

I regularly update this material.  If you have any questions or have water safety information to include in the course, please let me know. I will include it and credit you.

NOTICE: Thousands of parents, foster and adoptive parents, and day care and summer camp workers all across the country have taken and continue to retake this course. I want to continue to make it available at no charge to anyone looking for water safety education. While I am glad that so many agencies have chosen to make it part of their curriculum, the course is copyrighted, reserved material and cannot be disseminated in any way other than in full, online, as it is presented on this website.  Unauthorized reproduction of the course material in any form is prohibited.    

If you are taking this class to comply with requirements from any private or government agency, please check - before spending money on a certificate - to make sure that the class meets their requirements. I'd be happy to answer any questions about course content. Contact me any time. The course information is valuable even without the certificate. Please continue regardless of whether or not you will be getting a certificate.

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To complete the course, read the material on each of the course pages. You can navigate through the course by clicking on the NEXT PAGE and PREVIOUS PAGE buttons located at the bottom of each page. A complete menu of the course content is located way at the bottom, in the footer of each page. 

When you have completed the course. Take and submit the self-assessment. Certificates of Completion are optional. If you would like to have a certificate emailed to you, directions for requesting your certificate and making payment are provided at the end of the course.

Please take your time and cover all of the material. There are review questions at the bottom of each page. Do not move on until you are confident you understand the material. Finally, there is more than one contact link on each course content page.  Please contact me if you have any questions or would like help working out safety solutions for your swimming activities. I can help!

Write down the Keys to Drowning Prevention. You need to know them.

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