This is good information, but...

This course contains valuable, even life-saving information. Unfortunately, we all know that sometimes it's not easy to do what is best for us.

Swimming lessons cost money, sometimes a lot of money. It's difficult or impractical to take time off of work to be with your child at a day camp that provides swimming. It's important to attend family functions at the home of a relative that owns a swimming pool. There is no standard pool in the area, but there is a nearby water park or lake.

I get it. I was a single parent that adopted a nine-year-old boy from a foster home. He didn't know how to swim. I worked at a pool and it was difficult to follow my own advice about preventing my son from having access to water before he learned how to swim. Luckily, lessons were readily available to us. However, the cost of swimming lessons was burdensome. He needed so many things!

Most importantly, difficulties in finding or paying for swimming lessons, in no way lessens your responsibility to keep children in your care safe. Don't let them drown.


Choices have to be made. Swimming lessons are available at many different price points. Teach your child to swim first. Choose paying for swimming lessons over purchasing other sports memberships, sports equipment, or entertainment activities. Lessons are more important than a new toy or a movie, or downloading a new song. (I'm not usually in the habit of telling people how to spend their money. I am in the business of telling people to keep their children safe. No offense intended here, just telling it like it is.)

Take your child to a guarded swimming facility, uses my free GWIBS, and practice Touch Supervision while you let him learn on his own. Luckily for all of us, learning to swim isn't hard. It just take practice.

Teach yourself and then teach your child. If lessons are truly out of reach, you can do this yourself. I can teach you how.  Click to view my Online Swimming Lessons page. You can learn to teach/swim Face-Up First. The first lesson is absolutely free. Additional lesson are sold individually. It works, and you can do it. Check it out.


I stand by my earlier statements about exposing your child to the danger of water unnecessarily. Don't take your non-swimming child to the lake, a pool party, or water park. Just don't do it.

Having said that, I know you may go to go to that family party at a home or at the lake regardless of what I say. I know that sometimes a water park may be the closest water to your house. Please recognize the dangers, and tie the child to the picnic table, if necessary.  Don't let your child drown. Just don't.


Sorry, I have no compromise position on this one. Don't let your non-swimming child participate in swimming as part of a group of non-swimmers.  There is no safe way to make this work. There must be a 1:1 ratio of adults to non-swimmers at all times. If this is not possible, your child will need to refrain from participation until she learns to swim...period.

If you are a Day Care/Day Camp worker taking this course right now, heed this warning and adjust your activities accordingly. Do not take groups of non-swimmers to the pool or a lake or water park. Just don't. Get out the sprinkler or hose instead. Or contact me, and I will help you set up a learn to swim program for your organization. I can help.


Another issue for which there is no compromise position is fencing around backyard pools. I don't care if it spoils the look of your perfectly landscaped backyard. Fence your pool. Don't let your children drown. Just don't.

No ifsands, or buts, about it...

Parents and Caregivers are responsible for keeping their charges safe. 

Sometimes tough decisions need to be made. Make good choices, no matter how hard or inconvenient. Children depend on you.

Got another but...?  Need help?

If you have a situation that is preventing you from following the advice in this course, please contact me. Use the button below to contact me, and we will figure it out together. Let me help you keep your children safe. I can also post the information here to help others.