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Course Review 

One more thing to consider before taking your self-evaluation... A program that is becoming more popular at pools advocates for tagging swimmers by ability level, and for the use of flotation devices by non-swimmers in recreational pools and water parks. You may hear about this program or visit a pool that uses the program. I have great respect for anyone trying to make children safer in and near the water. Having said that, I do stand by the recommendations made throughout this online course. 

  • Non-swimmers should not attend water parks and pool parties - jacketed or not.

  • The use of life jackets dramatically lengthens the time it takes a child to learn to swim independently.

  • Life jackets can be an added layer of protection for skilled swimmers in open water and at water parks (bicycle helmet). They are not an appropriate tool to use to allow children to participate in a potentially dangerous activity for which they are unprepared (training wheels). Non-swimmers should not be "swimming" in open water and/or at water parks jacketed or not.

The responsibility for keeping non-swimmers safe lies with the parents and caregivers. 

“The keys to preventing drownings are vigilant supervision while enjoying water-related activities, and preventing unauthorized access to water.”

Course Certificates of Completion are available.  The administrative fee is $8 for one name/one certificate or $12 for two names/two certificates. Certificates will be emailed to you, typically within 48 hours. Request a certificate only when you are able to complete the evaluation below with confidence and hit submit. Certificates are valid for one year from date of issue. You must also pass a one-question test on the payment form itself by listing the two keys to drowning prevention.

All of the course materials including this evaluation are provided at no charge. Taking the self-evaluation below does NOT obligate you to pay for a Certificate of Completion. Go ahead, evaluate your knowledge.


It's Your Choice

Please be sure you understand the course content before requesting a certificate. Think before your swim. Make good choices. Make a plan. You are responsible for selecting locations, programs, and activities suited to your skills, abilities, and health.

Thank you for taking my course. Be safe.

Course Completion Certificates

This course is free. You are not obligated to pay for any of this information. I want everyone to be safe in and around the water. The course content is provided at no charge. If you want or need a Certificate of Completion, you need to complete the self-evaluation exam as many times as it takes - reviewing course content as necessary - until you feel comfortable that you know the material, then submit your answers and then pay a certificate administration fee. Certificates cost $8 for one name and $12 for two names.

Once again, this is important potentially lifesaving information. It is worth the time it takes to make sure you understand the material. Request your certificate only when you are confident in your water safety knowledge. Contact me if you have questions or need additional information



“I have read the course content, am confident in my understanding of the material, and have successfully completed the self assessment.”

— Read the above statement out loud. If this is true for you, please continue. Please note that there is a one-question required test on the payment form. You must enter the keys to drowning prevention on your form or I consider it a failed course, and there are no refunds.

1. Email Address / Certificate Delivery

Your certificate(s) will be delivered via email sent to the address associated with your PayPal account. Make sure you look for the email in that inbox. Sometimes the certificate attachment file gets snagged in spam filters. Check your spam box for delivery, too. This is a manual system. Your request is sent to me as an email. I send you your certificate in an email. The process is not automatic. You will not be able to print out your certificate from this site after you make payment. (Remember, low tech/good info.)

You will not print out your certificate after you pay. I will email your certificate to you in the next day or so.

I'm getting many returned-as-undeliverable emails when I send certificates. I send the certificates to the email shown on your PayPal payment. For some of you, this is an outdated email address. If you want me to send your certificate to another address, please shoot me an email from that address so I can reply with your certificate attachment. I want you to get your certificate!

2. Name(s) & Completion Time

One name per certificate. Please enter the name(s) exactly as you wish them to appear on the certificates. Entering the amount of time you took to complete the course is optional. Many people want the completion time included on their certificate. (ie Two Hours, Three Hours - however long it took you to complete the course.) If you leave this field blank, it will appear as NO REPORT on the certificate.

3. Keys to drowning prevention.

I have included a graphic showing the two keys to drowning prevention on almost every page of this presentation. You must list the two keys to drowning prevention on your payment form in order to receive a certificate. Please do not skip this step. If the keys are missing or are incorrect on your form, I will email you a note letting you know that you failed to complete the course and will not be receiving a certificate. You must resubmit and pay again with the Keys to Drowning Prevention included on your form. There are no refunds.

Certificate Payment via PayPal

  1. Select number of certificates using drop down menu.

  2. Enter name(s) (required) and time to complete course (optional).

  3. List the two keys to drowning prevention as they are displayed on every page of this course.

    All three components must be completed or you will not receive your certificate.

Name(s) (required) & Time Taken to Complete Course (optional)
REQUIRED: In the box below, enter the two Keys to Drowning Prevention as they are displayed on every page of this course. (There is room. The answers will fit.) You will not receive your certificates, AND will have to pay again if you skip this step. It is considered a failed attempt at the course. Note that certificates will be delivered via email to your PalPal email address within 48 hours. Be sure you are checking the correct inbox.